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"You can look at a scar and see hurt, or you can look at a scar and see healing."
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Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.

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Anonymous asked: Hai k, how many days did it take you to recover from your surgery? Mine is in two days and i start school the following week. I'd like to know a little about your recovery, when did the pain stop? People don't realize that this is a lot more than just physical. I'm so confident that I'm going to feel better on the inside and out after this especially after reading through your experiences. hope you can respond -xo


Hey! I absolutely can say that it immediately helps both emotionally and physically. As far as recovery goes, it is different for everyone. For me, I had a two week recovery time, meaning I was essentially confined to my bed. I couldn’t even lift my back on my own for the first week, but by the second week I could walk around if I needed to. You’ll be sleeping a lot the first few days, and you’ll be given medicine to help with the pain. You’ll probably have draining tubes to get rid of the nasty drainage. Sleeping might be hard, because you’ll have to sleep flat on your back! If you roll over a lot it will probably hurt a lot. Most of the time, it’s just soreness that will bother you. I highly recommend having a friend or family member stay with you to help during the recovery! Honestly I had a very hard time bathing, because I couldn’t stand for very long and I couldn’t raise my arms very much. Since you can’t take a bath, one of those bath stools might help for showering! After the two weeks, you’ll be able to start getting stitches out and eventually be able to wear normal bras again. Then around a month you can start with light exercise. They’ll tell you all of that when the time comes! Ultimately, recovery varies for each person. It’s extremely difficult, and it might be a little emotional at first. But don’t worry! Your scars will heal, and the pain will go away as long as you take care of yourself. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow, and if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask! You’ll do great!

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